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Godox 70 x 70 Umbrella type Speedlite Softbox




Premium Material: It is made of a high-density, highly reflective nylon material. With a double metal frame, the softbox is both lightweight and solid.

Improved Design: Designed like an umbrella, this Neewer Umbrella Softbox can be quickly opened and installed on your flash as well as closed up and packed away in the included nylon carrying case.
Wide Applications: With an 8mm umbrella shaft, the softbox is suitable for a wide variety of flashes and flash holders.
Easy Installation: Once opened, the Softbox slides over the head of your flash via an adjustable opening in the bottom. Then, the inner shaft of the softbox fits into your flash’s umbrella adapter mount holding it in place. Your flash should be facing backwards into the softbox, allowing the light to bounce of the highly reflective surface once fired. If you need less intense lighting, please use the included diffuser cloth to soften the light produced by your flash.
Easy to Use and Carry: It’s lightweight, portable, and packs away into a small size, so it can be thrown into your photography bag and taken out in the field, or easily stored away in your studio until you need it.
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