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Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini


Key Features;

  • [Compact] A small-format wireless hand vacuum cleaner.
  • [Simple & Fast] It has two speeds, so you can adapt it to everything you need.
  • [Handling] Light and portable
  • [Power] With multi-stage cyclone technology with the highest suction power and a speed of 88000 rpm. All this in his 100 ml tank
  • [Operational power] Equipped with a spectacular battery, which is able to provide a useful life of approximately 30 minutes at a standard operating capacity. At full power it takes 9 minutes.


A vacuum cleaner slimmer than a flask

Cleans the room while also pleasing the eye

Powerful brushless motor

The high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency.
The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine.

Visible strong power

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