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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro


Key Features;

  • 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function
  • 2100Pa Powerful Suction,
  • LDS Laser Navigation
  • Automatic Recharge and Resume
  • Smart App and Voice Control


10,000 vibrations per minute* to power clean even stubborn stains

Equipped with the full-coverage high-frequency sonic vibration mop, the entire unit vibrates to significantly boost cleaning power and easily remove tough stains like coffee and soy sauce. Buy the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro Best Price Online From The Clickstore,NairobiĀ 

Microfibres for powerful stain removal

The mop features microfibres to ensure even penetration of water, effective removal of stains and quick drying for the floor. This helps prevent leaving water marks and damage to the floor.

Advanced mopping route design covers corners and hidden dust traps

Specially designed mopping routes simulate manual cleaning, wiping repeatedly from left to right. Combined with a smart electronically controlled water tank, this ensures that the robot can easily remove floor stains.


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