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Godox RFT-10- 120 x 180cm Collapsible 7-in-1 Reflector Disk


  • 7-in-1 Light Weight Photography Reflector: White,Blue,Green,Gold,Silver,Black and Translucent Round Reflector
  • REFLECTOR open size 120 x 180cm



Whether on location or in the studio, a reflector is one of the easiest and most effective methods for controlling your light. The 120 x 180cm  7-in-1 Reflector Disc from Godox provides seven different surfaces in a single, compact package. For basic bounce, the reflector offers standard white, warming gold, and cooling/crisp silver surfaces. A black absorption surface is available for use as a flag or to improve overall contrast, while the main translucent white diffusion panel will soften the output of your light source or the sun when used outdoors. The blue and green surfaces are suitable for Chroma Key work and special effects. This light-shaper is designed to conveniently fold down to a fraction of its open size for transport or storage in the included carrying bag. Buy the Godox RFT-10- 120 x 180cm Collapsible 7-in-1 Reflector Disk Best Price Online From The Clickstore,Nairobi 


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