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Godox Beauty Dish Reflector (Silver, 16.5″)


Key Features
  • Soft Look with an Edge of Crispness
  • Bowens Mount
  • Center Deflector
  • Diffuser Sock



A favorite of fashion and portrait shooters, the Silver 16.5″ Beauty Dish Reflector from Godox bounces the light off a centrally positioned deflector and is directed to fill the silver reflector interior. The result is a signature soft look but with an edge of crispness (ideal for hair and makeup), that you can’t get from umbrellas and softboxes. For those who want a softer look, a diffusion sock is included. The silver interior adds a little contrast and punch and increases the light’s throw range. An added bonus is the natural-looking catchlights that appear in the subject’s eyes. Optional accessories include a honeycomb grid to tunnel and direct the light output. Buy the Godox Beauty Dish Reflector (Silver, 16.5″) Best Price Online From The Clickstore,Nairobi


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