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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro – Portable Power Station (800W, 768Wh)


key features:

  • Sizeable 768Wh capacity and 800W output.
  • Provide up to 1.8kWh a day with solar charging.
  • Fastest Recharge 0-100% in only 70 min.
  • Safest LFP battery provides 10 years of use.
  • First power station with a TÜV Rheinland safety certification.
  • X-Boost output to 1600W and run 80% of home appliances.
  • 4 ways to charge: AC, car, solar, and USB-C.
  • Lightweight at only 7.8kg.
  • <30ms EPS auto-switch for essential devices.
  • Smart app control with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Power your key devices and small appliances away from the grid—or your home gear when the grid goes down—with the RIVER 2 Pro Portable Power Station from EcoFlow. The RIVER 2 Pro stores 768 watt-hours of power in a LiFePO battery that can be charged from AC house current, a vehicle DC outlet, or solar panels. Plug your smartphone, camera, drone, laptop, portable fan, light, etc. into one of the AC outlets, USB ports, or DC power sockets. As a home backup power supply, the RIVER 2 Pro auto-switches on in just 30 milliseconds. The battery recharges in just 70 minutes from an AC source, and has a 3000-charge life cycle. And you can control the whole system from your phone running the EcoFlow app. Buy the Anker EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro – Portable Power Station (800W, 768Wh) best price from The Clickstore,Nairobi Kenya

Ports and Outlets for Your Gear
The RIVER 2 Pro makes power available through four AC outlets, one 100W USB-C input/output port, three standard USB-A ports, one car cigarette lighter-style DC socket, and two 5521 DC ports.
1600W X-Boost Mode
RIVER 2 Pro has an AC output of up to 800W. Need to power a hair dryer, microwave, or electric kettle? Crank it up to 1600W with X-Boost mode to run up to 80% of high-wattage home appliances.
Lightweight at 17.2 Pounds
With a compact portable design, taking travel-friendly power off-grid has never been this easy. With a lightweight, RIVER 2 Pro is ready to power all your outdoorsy escapades, from boondocking to BBQs at the beach.
30ms Home Backup Power Auto-Switch
With a switchover speed of less than 30ms, you won’t even know the power was down. Use RIVER 2 Series as an emergency power supply for overnight outages to keep essentials running from a light to your fish tank.
Control with Eco-Flow App
Use the EcoFlow app to control and monitor RIVER 2 Series, even from afar. View charging levels, customize settings, and adjust charging speeds, all from the convenience of your phone.
10-Year/3000-Cycle Battery Life
With upgraded long-lasting LiFePO battery chemistry at its core, the RIVER 2 Pro can be charged and emptied 3000 times. That’s approximately 10 years of everyday use andthan the industry average. The RIVER 2 Series is safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.
Smart Battery Management System
EcoFlow’s Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of RIVER 2 Series with multiple aspects of protection, extending its life to the max.


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