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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max Portable Power Station


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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max portable power station Price in Kenya

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max Portable Power Station Price in Kenya is Ksh 82,999. Compact and portable, the EcoFlow RIVER series is an ideal recreational power that gives you access to practical wall sockets. The EcoFlow RIVER series is the ideal companion for camping, tailgating, boating, etc. Don’t hesitate to attach and detach the extra battery to meet your needs.

  • POWER WHEREVER YOU GO : Portable solar generator – Extra battery that gives you reliable energy for outdoor adventures, indoor use and emergencies.
  • RECHARGE OF 0 to 80% IN AN HOUR EcoFlow X-Stream Charge technology recharges the power plant by 0-80% in one hour, which is one of the fastest charging rates on the market. Silent charging can be enabled from the EcoFlow app.
  • THAT CAN POWER UP TO 9 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY : EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology allows you to increase the power of the alternating current, allowing you to power up to 80% of essential appliances such as kitchen appliances, appliances and DIY tools.
  • MODULAR DESIGN : The unique modular design gives you the freedom to adjust the power and portability of the EcoFlow RIVER in seconds. The additional battery doubles the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh in situations where you need more power. You can also easily detach the extra battery for more portability during travel, outdoor adventures, or any app where you need to power devices on the go.
  • AC OUTPUTS OF 600 W AND A BATTERY CAPACITY OF 576 Wh : The EcoFlow RIVER Max has 2 AC sockets and a capacity of 576 Wh, giving multiple users incredible power for all your favorite devices.

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X-Boost Smart AlgorithmX-Boost Smart Algorithm

The EcoFlow RIVER Max features patented X-Boost technology, which allows you to power devices up to 600 W. This smart feature allows you to power essential appliances more efficiently, such as kitchen tools, appliances and DIY tools, giving you energy for hours.




X-Stream loading technologyX-Stream loading technology

EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology offers one of the fastest charging rates on the market for a power plant. With the built-in smart inverter, EcoFlow RIVER Max can charge 0-80% in an hour, allowing for a full charge in just 1.6 hours.



Modular design - extra battery 

Modular design – extra battery

The EcoFlow RIVER Max features a compact, modular design that allows you to plug in an extra battery to double the device’s capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh. You can also detach the extra battery to make the device more portable. Whether you’re with your family or going on a solo trip, the modular design gives you the freedom to customize your power options the way you want.



Simultaneous power of 9 devicesSimultaneous power of 9 devices

The EcoFlow RIVER Max adapts to many types of ports you’ll need to load all your devices. The 100W USB-C port is perfect for charging laptops, while full sine wave sockets give you more flexibility to charge heavy devices. With the EcoFlow app, you can control and monitor the device on your mobile phone.




Compact and portableCompact and portable

Present the future of portable power plants. The EcoFlow RIVER Max weighs 7.7 kg, is durable and has an easy-to-carry handle. This incredibly portable power plant can be washed away wherever you go, whether it’s in the trunk of your car, on a coffee table or outdoors. It’s as simple as that.


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