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Dji Mini 3 Fly More Combo Plus with RC-N1 Remote


Key features:

  • 4K HDR video
  • Up to 38 minutes of flight time
  • Up to 36 mph Flight speed
  • Rotating Gimbal for Vertical Shooting
  • Included is the RC-N1 Remote Controller
  • Light weight of under 249g
  • Automatic Takeoff/Hover & Return to Home

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The Dji Mini 3 is a compact, lightweight drone which features an extended battery life, 4K HDR and other features such as True Vertical Shooting especially for social-media-optimized shots.

Upgraded Battery Life

The Dji Mini 3 battery now gives you upto 51 minutes flight time when using the intelligent flight battery plus and a maximum of 38 minutes when usiing the standard intelligent flight battery.

Turn your ideas into images

The Dji Mini 3 comes with a camera equipped with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor with indivual native ISO as well chip-level HDR technology.At daytime,you can you can easily capture highlight and shadow details for more clearer and vivid images even as it turns to night time.

Exceptional Imagery

The Dji Mini 3’s camera has an f/1.7 aperture as well as a larger 2.4um 4-in-1 pixels which records clear detailed iamges even in loq-light.The camera also comes with 4x zoom whcih allows you to zoom in even further.

Wide Tilt Capability

The Mini 3 has an innovative gimbal design allows the camera to do a large-angle tilt.You also have the option of switching to True Vertical Shooting which makes the image look very artistic especially for social media posting.

More Control,More Saftey

The Dji Mini 3 has a maimum speed resistance of level and offers you a wide variety of flight environments with steady control even when its windy.It is also equipped with the Dji 02 digital video transmission,Mini 3 features strong-antiference capbility as well as a 10km max transmission range allowing you to explore and capture with much greater clarity. Buy the Dji Mini 3 Fly More Combo Plus with RC-N1 Remotebest Online From The Clickstore,Nairobi


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