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40cm Grey/White/Black Balance Foldable Card




  • Double sided
  • Durable and cleanable
  • For use with digital film or photography
  • Collapses to a third of its original size
  • Suitable for all environments


Product Highlights

  • Reflective gray card
  • With three colours: black, grey and white
  • Works with your light meter or digital camera
  • Comes with a zip lock carry bag
  • 40cm/15inches in size


This is an 18% reflective grey card that is used to provide an exposure determination on an object for standard reference photography. It works well with your light meter or digital camera. It has two sides, both have a white section, grey area and a black section. The side with the grey color in the middle has a target “+” mark that helps to provide it’s user with accurate center photometric. The grey section controls exposure, pre and post capture and also corrects colour, pre and post capture. The function of the grey card is to help revert the color truly and perfectly by measuring the exposure value, white/gray balance value and color temperature.¬†For easier transportation and storage, a carry bag is included. It is foldable to a third of its original size for convenience in fitting into the bag when storing it.

In the Package

  • 1 x Grey white balance focus card
  • 1 x Carry bag


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