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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2





When you’re done with Skate Tours you’ll want to check out the Create-A-Park, another Tony Hawk’s staple.

The park editing tool is easy to get to grips with, letting you cycle through different ramps and features and place them on a large flat area until you have something resembling a skatepark.Order for this Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2  online from Best price online from The Clickstore,Nairobi

You can then share your creations with the game’s online community, as well as test the levels others make. The game shows you newly uploaded and the highest-rated levels currently playable, and we’ve already stumbled upon some both quite clever and pleasingly stupid ideas.

The long-term success of this mode will depend on how big the playerbase is and whether developer Vicarious Visons can keep it invested, but the early signs are good. If you’re lacking inspiration, Vicarious has volunteered some of its own example levels, such as the ridiculous Roller Coast with its entirely grindable roller coaster, and er, a skateable recreation of Tony Hawk’s face.


Classic split-screen multiplayer is as good here as it ever was, although we did notice a considerable framerate drop from the silky 60fps the PS4 Pro effortlessly maintains in single-player.

You can seemingly play any level in the game from the off, whether unlocked in single-player or not, and choose between a relaxed free skate mode or various competitive formats.

And as THPS is a 2020 game now, there’s also online multiplayer, but it’s pretty bare-bones right now. You select either casual or ranked play, competing in a rotating playlist of score-based modes against people from all over the world in a level the game chooses at random. It doesn’t feel like this portion of the game was given as much attention as the single-player mode, but hopefully Vicarious adds a bit more meat further down the line.