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Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition– PS4




Then I discovered Justice League Heros for the PSP – a similar game to X-Men Legends, but with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and other DC favourites taking the starring roles. Again, to me, it was just a good Justice League game, not a dungeon crawler.

In my mind, dungeon crawlers were just that – games set in dark and dank dungeons, like the Diablo series and its many wannabes. I’ve steered away from them because, well, they’re just a touch too nerdy for me. And complicated. But games like X-Men Legends, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Justice League brought me into the fold without me even realising it, because they were really accessible. Minecraft Dungeons is this generation’s X-Men Legends, complete with Creepers and Skeletons.

Despite being called Dungeons, the game doesn’t really have many actual dungeons, and most of the levels take place above the ground in various biomes. Each level is themed and has objectives which, for the most part, are very straight forward. There’s always an icon telling you where to go and what to do next, whether it’s freeing some poor villagers, hitting switches, or fighting the bosses. It’s simple and very easy to follow, but simple doesn’t mean easy. Not by a long shot.

Instead of having you pick a class from the start and play the entire game with that class, Minecraft Dungeons gives you the ability to customise your character on the fly, depending on what you’ve collected. You start out with next to nothing but as you smash your way through the levels, you’ll pick up loot. The loot that drops is dependant on what difficulty you’re playing. Me and Charlie played on the standard difficulties, levelling up our Buy The Minecraft Dungeons – PS4 online from Best price online from The Clickstore ,Nairobi

Changing your appearance is done by assigning armour to your character. Your character has three slots, one for armour, one for melee weapons, and another for a ranged weapon. This is how you change your appearance. For me, this is fine. I don’t really care how my character looks, I just want the best stats! For some, though, the lack of true customisation might be a bit of a bummer, but it doesn’t directly affect gameplay so it’s not all that important.

The gameplay itself is very simple too, and I’ll go back to X-Men Legends as a comparison. You have your main button to hit, and then your powers are assigned to the other face buttons, with the right trigger being used for your ranged attack. Each player also has the ability to heal using L1/LB, but it has a cooldown on it so you can’t spam it. This forced me and Charlie to co-operate, because one of my powers was a healing totem that, when placed on the floor, gives players some health. I’d shout “Charlie, come and heal!” and he’d come bounding over running away from the nasty mobs.