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Sony ULT WEAR Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones


Key Features

  • For Commutes, Travel, Gaming & Home TV
  • ULT Button Boosts Bass
  • Dual-Sensor Noise Canceling
  • 40mm Drivers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Thermo-Foaming, Molded Ear Cushions
  • Swiveling and Folding Design
  • Over-Ear, Closed-Back Configuration
  • Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life
  • Multipoint Bluetooth Connections
  • Includes 3.5mm Cable, USB Cable & Case


xperience Sony‘s Power Sound technology on the go with ULT WEAR, a pair of over-ear, closed-back Bluetooth 5.2 headphones. With massive bass response via the signature ULT button and adaptive noise-canceling technology that adjusts to your environment, you can take the front-row concert with you.Buy Sony ULT WEAR Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones Best Price Online from The Clickstore,Nairobi kenya

Multipoint support allows you to connect to up to two devices at once, ideal for enjoying your favorite movies, music, or games while staying connected to calls. Beamforming mics cancel out environmental noise to ensure crystal-clear calling in any space. Comfortable ear cushions mold to your unique ear shape for a perfect fit every time. And with up to 30 hours of battery life with noise canceling on, and support for quick charging, you’ll have enough juice for long, immersive listening sessions. ULT WEAR includes a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a carrying case.

Boost the Bass, Feel the Music
Select from two different types of bass-emphasized sound: ULT1 for deep, low-frequency bass, or ULT2 to experience powerful bass. Enjoy precise, punchy, high-quality sound, with a specially designed 40mm driver unit and Integrated Processor V1.
Reproducing Authentic Sound
When an original music source is compromised, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to a track. Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.
Your Sound, Your Way
Tailor sound to your personal preference. Choose from a variety of presets to match sound quality with the genre of music you’re listening to. Or, create and save your own using the equalizer feature on the Sony Headphones Connect app.
More Music, Less Noise
With two microphones in each earcup and Dual Noise Sensor technology to capture ambient sound, you can block outside noise everywhere you go, so the only thing you hear is your music. Precision feedforward and feedback mics create a more natural listening experience in your environment and reduce wind noise to deliver clear, uninterrupted audio.
Adaptive Sound Control
Adaptive Sound Control is a smart function that senses where you are and what you’re doing, then adjusts ambient sound settings for the ideal listening experience. It even recognizes locations that you frequently visit, such as your workplace, the gym, or a favorite café, and switches the sound modes to suit the situation.
A Perfect Fit for Form and Function
The ULT WEAR’s stylish design is both functional and great looking. The mechanical structure is designed to insulate your audio from the outside world, for premium listening and clear voice calls, even in noisy environments. 

The smooth cushions use a unique thermo-foaming process, for reduced wrinkles and a more balanced clamping force, delivering wearability and exceptional acoustic performance. And with a swivel fold design, these headphones gold into a compact form for seamless transition from immersive listening to on-the-go convenience.

Stay Powered Up
Enjoy uninterrupted listening with up to 30 hours of battery life. A 3-minute charge provides 90 minutes of extra playtime and a 10-minute charge offers up to 5 hours. Extend battery life up to 50 hours by turning off the noise canceling feature.
Instant Pause and Play
Just take the headphones off and the music stops. A capacitive sensor knows when you are wearing them. Put the headphones back on and the music starts again.
Intuitive Touch Control
Change track, adjust volume and take or make calls by tapping or swiping the touch panel on the side of your headphones. Need to quickly hear voices or sounds around you? Just place your hand over the housing to instantly turn your music volume down and let ambient sound in. 

With quick access you’re just 2 to 3 taps away from your favorite songs and soundscapes. This feature allows you to configure your headphones on Spotify or Endel without using your phone.

Pairing is a Breeze
In one tap, the ULT WEAR enables quick, effortless Bluetooth pairing with your Android devices. You can even check to see where you last placed it. Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your headphones with your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC, or tablet. When pairing mode is selected, pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.


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