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Playstation 4 Mass Effect Legendary Edition




Do you know why they say you can never truly go home again? It’s not because you can’t revisit an old place. It’s still there, and often not much has really changed. And yet, when you revisit someplace that was important to you the feeling that you associated with it is often absent. This is also the case when we replay older games we loved. We expect them to look, sound, and feel as epic and awe inspiring as they did to us when we were younger, but often those feelings never appear. However, with some upgrades and extra polish we can often get it as close as possible to the experience of playing for the first time all those years ago. That’s what EA and Bioware have tried to do with Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

This new set of enhanced, but not fully remade titles offers a chance for gamers all around the world to go home once more. To revisit the universe and characters that became such a big part of their lives all those years ago. But a lot has changed since then. Tastes and design philosophy have evolved. Standards have been raised, and most of the kids who plopped in front of their brand new HDTV, or were still rocking a CRT like me, are now jaded and bitter adults (again, like me) just looking for a shot of nostalgia to remind them how gaming used to feel. So does Mass Effect Legendary Edition deliver that? Does it give gamers a chance to figuratively go home again? Sometimes. And when it does, it’s truly magical.


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