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Olympus 10×50 Trooper DPS I Binocular


  • Standard Binoculars
  • 10x magnification
  • Durable, high‑quality finish with sure‑grip rubber coating
  • UV protection to protect eyes against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Wide‑angle field of view for fast‑moving subjects
  • Aspherical optics guarantee a plasticity and distortion‑free view
  • Single‑coated lenses for maximum brightness and contrast
  • Large, centre‑focus knob for fast and easy focusing
  • Built‑in dioptric correction adjusts to individual eyesight


Outdoor enthusiasts benefit a lot from a reliable pair of binoculars. Whether it’s a sports event, birdwatching, observing nature or something else entirely, the binoculars are there to deliver the images you need. Buy The Olympus 10×50 Trooper DPS I Binocular  Best Price Online from The Clickstore ,Nairobi

One such company that truly cares about visuals is Olympus. And among its star models is no other than the Olympus Trooper 10×50 DPS I binocular. Let’s see why people rave about it. Having said that, we’ll touch on its key specifications, pluses, minuses, as well as questions that often confuse some customers.

The model’s rugged and rubberized coating makes it durable in harsh conditions. Connected to that, the user can have a much firmer grip thanks to it.

When it comes to delivering images, the lenses let through bright and crisp visuals. And that stands for different settings, even low-light conditions. That’s due to the porro prism and the Bak-7 system.

Also, there are no reflections or distortions for easier viewing. The binoculars can boast with a pretty large field of view that captures the desired subjects as well as the surroundings. This includes subjects that move swiftly as the model can catch these as well. The UV protection layer adds more safety, too.

The focal system is central. That means that the focus knob on the center is the one for adjustments.