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OLYMPUS 8_16X40 Zoom DPS I Binoculars


Key Features;

  • Prism type bk-7 porro/field of view at 1,000 yds 285.4 – 193.6 ft (87 – 59 M)
  • Close Focus distance 32.8 ft (10.0 M)
  • Eye relief 0.4 – 0.5 (10 mm – 12 mm)/relative brightness 25 – 6.3
  • Waterproof no/weight 27.9 oz (790 g)
  • Dimensions: L x w x that 6.0 x 7.2 x 2.3 (152 mm x 182 mm x 58 mm)
  • Zoom capability of 8 ‑ 16x
  • Anti-reflective lens coating for better image brightness
  • Large center focus knob for fast, easy focusing
  • Built-in dioptric correction adjusts to individual eyesight
  • Comfortable ergonomic grips



Before the first use, it is necessary to adjust the binoculars correctly. To do this, it is a good idea to read through the operating instructions, which explain in simple steps what is important when adjusting these binoculars. Thanks to the large focusing wheel, focusing can be adjusted very quickly and easily. The additionally integrated dioptre correction helps to adjust personal visual requirements.


                      binoculars Olympus



UV protection: The eyepiece has a specially developed lens element with UV protection. This enables harmful ultraviolet rays to be filtered out. Especially during prolonged use, the binoculars thus minimize the strain on the eyes.

High-intensity wide-angle optics: Thanks to the large exit pupils of the 8×40 DPS I, good observation is guaranteed even in poor light conditions. The wide-angle field of view of 65° ensures a particularly wide image.

Anti-reflection lens coating: The lenses and prisms of these binoculars are coated for optimum light transmission and a bright, clear field of view. The anti-reflection coated lenses, therefore, allow very clear vision. In addition, the zoom function brings the user even closer to the subject


binoculars Olympus


Particularly suitable for bird watching and camping/hiking, as well as sporting and other events. These binoculars are also ideal for observing fast-moving objects. The multi-coated lenses ensure maximum contrast and brightness.Buy the OLYMPUS 8_16X40 Zoom DPS I Binoculars  Best Price Online from The Clickstore,Nairobi

In addition, with 8x magnification of the 8×40 DPS I binoculars, distant objects can be explored with ease. If you need to get even closer to an object from a location, simply try the powerful zoom of the 16×40 Zoom DPS I.


Olympus binoculars

Overall, these binoculars did very well in the test. Whether in daylight or in twilight – you always had a clear and good view at long distances. Last but not least, the non-slip housing, as well as the overall comfort, contributed to the fact that the Olympus binoculars performed well.