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NBA 2K21




NBA 2K21 captures the see-saw flow of real-world basketball so well that you’ll feel at one with thousands of virtual fans when you nail a clutch corner three with seconds left on the clock. Visual Concepts’ simulation has, along with the MLB series, always been a cut above the competition when it comes to broadcast-style presentation, and while this year’s edition looks alarmingly similar to its predecessor, it’s still very much in a league of its own.


The release also finds itself arriving just two months prior to the PlayStation 5, with the publisher touting a next-gen version that’s been built from the ground-up for Sony’s new system. Whether or not that turns out to be true, the reality is that the current-gen release could be superseded by a successor in little over eight weeks, and while purchasing the Mamba Forever edition will grant you a copy of the PS5 game when it arrives, it puts this version in a strange spot.Order for this NBA 2K21  online from Best price online from The Clickstore,Nairobi

We’ve spent a lot of time practicing with the new shot meter in training modes, and while we can hit green jumpers pretty consistently there, the adrenaline of real-world matches makes it much harder to execute. The problem is that, in order to get better at shooting with your MyPlayer, you need to be able to consistently land jumpers and threes in order to unlock badges. But it almost feels like you need badges to bank shots consistently outside of the paint, thus creating a chicken-and-egg situation.

To make matters worse, there’s always been a huge disparity in Playground matches between casual players and pro players – but that gap is bigger than it’s ever been before. It’s not uncommon to get blown out by high-rated players with multiple shooting badges unlocked, but with the way the game’s structured, those players earn even more badges each time they obliterate more casual players – widening the gap further. The series desperately needs some kind of skill-based matchmaking.

Once you make it to the NBA, you’ll begin grinding for badges and VC, which you can use to increase your attributes. As has been the case for a few years now, this in-game currency is central to every aspect of the game, and the economy is delicately tilted towards you spending real-world money to get what you want. The problem is that everything is a compromise: buy some neat new sneakers for your player, and you’ll potentially be sacrificing a meaningful upgrade to your rebounding ability.