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Kino Flo Light 1650W Fluorescent Light 6 Bank


Key Features;

  • Wide Application
  • Excellent Optical Performance
  • Studio Cool Light
  • 1650W Fluorescent Light


  • Wide Application: Type like Kino Flo. This fluorescent light panel, which photographers and videographers desire, is perfect for all digital imaging applications including studio photography, video production, and movie making. It can be applied in TV shows, theatres, music concerts, stages, interviews and television studios.
  • Excellent Optical Performance: It is suitable for different levels of light situations. The high-efficiency daylight balanced fluorescent lamps provide eye-friendly, flicker-free illumination without the heat or energy associated with traditional hot lights. It provides even light distribution and maximizes light output for ideal skin tones and textural details.
  • Well-Designed: With a perfect integration of value and simplicity, the compact design provides exquisite soft light output for various compositions. Constructed with aluminum housing, it can dissipate heat quickly. The integrated four-leaf mirrored barn doors enhance direct light control and the light output is soft yet powerful. The bulbs can remain in the fixture during transport so that they are ready to go as soon as they get power. Buy theĀ  Kino Flo Light 1650W Fluorescent Light 6 Bank Best Price online from The Clickstore,Nairobi
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