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Injustice 2




A DC Movie Worth Watching

The story of Injustice 2 picks up where the original leaves off. The first Injustice, Gods Among Us, sees Superman becomes a totalitarian dictator, prompting a revolt from Batman and Justice League members from multiple versions of the DC Universe. In Injustice 2, Superman has been locked up and depleted of his powers, while Batman and his team help rebuild civilization and keep a watchful eye for the next colossal threat to Earth.

That threat is Superman’s classic foe, Brainiac. After destroying Krypton long ago, Brainiac has come for the Man of Steel, forcing the embattled factions of the former Justice League to try and put their grievances aside for the sake of the planet.

While it’s standard comic-book fare, Injustice 2’s story balances it’s many layers of personal and fantastic drama. Batman and Superman may be working on the same side, but tension lingers, created by the inevitability that Brainiac won’t be a threat forever. It’s just as grim as the original, but this time it actually uses its bleakness to pose a meaningful question: To what end is justice served?

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