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GVM LED Video Soft Light LS-p80s LED


Key Features;

  • Daylight Color Temperature: 5600K
  • High CRI/TLCI Ratings: 97
  • 1 x Softbox, 1 x Light Stand
  • Beam Angle: 120 Degrees
  • 3100 lux @ 3.28′, 0 to 99% Dimming
  • 100-240 VAC Adapter, Quiet Fan Cooling
  • AC Adapter, Aluminum Construction
  • Widely Used Bowens Accessory Mount



Natural Sunlight Performance

Through CRI ratings 97+ and TLCI 97+let the color presenting natural and authentic. Performance of 5600k color temperature matches the sun and blend seamlessly as white light for objects more natural look.

Has a high color render index

CRI 97+ COB lamp bead. It helps to restore the color of objects and provides you with natural and vivid shooting effects.

APP Intelligent Control System

Featuring Mobile Bluetooth APP control function can be controlled light by smart mobile device.
Search the APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or the manual.  Buy the  GVM LED Video Soft Light LS-p80s LED Best Price Online From The Clickstore,Nairobi


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