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Godox SLB60W LED Video Light



  • 60W, Battery Operated
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • 10-100% Dimming & Channel Selection
  • 60-Minute Runtime on Battery
  • Optional AC Adapter
  • CRI/TLCI: 93/95
  • Measures 9.7 x 4.7 x 5″
  • Weighs 4.4 lb



Made for shooting in the field without access to AC power, the SLB60W LED Video Light from Godox is a battery-powered LED fixture with a 9.7 x 4.7 x 5″ monolight form factor. The SLB60W has a color temperature of 5600K, making it ideal for seamless blending with other daylight-balanced fixtures, shooting outdoors, or in venues with large windows. CRI/TLCI ratings are 93 and 95, indicating an accurate rendition of color. Buy the Godox SLB60W LED Video Light Best Price Online From The Clickstore,Nairobi 

With a built-in, 16 channels, 6 group receivers running on the 433 MHz frequency, the SLB60W is dimmable from 10-100%.

The SLB60W’s lithium-ion battery will give you 60 minutes of runtime on a full charge and you can charge a spare while shooting with a topped-up battery. There’s also an optional AC power source for shooting in the studio or places with available mains power. The SLB60W is stand mountable and has a Bowens front accessory mount, making it compatible with accessories from the many manufacturers who use this popular mount.


  • 60W LEDs offer high brightness
  • The CRI is over 93, indicating accurate rendition of color
  • Large LCD panel, settings auto-saved
  • Temperature control prevents overheating
  • Cover protects LEDs
  • Small, light, and portable
  • Effective heat dissipation with heat sink and fan
  • 60-minute runtime with removable battery
  • Optional AC power source


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