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Fortinge Forprompt 15″ Studio Teleprompter Set


Key Features
  • 15″ LCD Monitor
  • 70/30 Beamsplitter Glass
  • Rod-Support Rig with Camera Riser
  • Sliding Quick Release Camera Plate
  • Includes Forprompt Software for Windows
  • Compatible with Other Software Solutions


Featuring a 70/30 beamsplitter glass, a rod-based support rig, and a high-contrast LCD monitor, the Fortinge Forprompt 15″ Studio Teleprompter Set is a ready-to-go studio teleprompting solution. The teleprompter itself comes partially assembled, so only minimal setup time is required. Since a sliding quick release baseplate and height-adjustable riser are part of the rod-based rig design, you can use the Forprompt Studio Teleprompter with nearly any camera you want.

With the 15″ monitor, your talent should be able to read prompter text from up to 20 feet away. To show text on the prompter, connect it via the composite, VGA, or HDMI terminals to your computer running the included Forprompt software. If you have another preferred software, you can use that as well, as the prompter itself is not software-dependent. Text and images shown on the monitor can be flipped to ensure the correct orientation for the on-camera talent. Buy the Fortinge Forprompt 15″ Studio Teleprompter Set Black Best Price Online from  The Clickstore,Nairobi kenya


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