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Volta Mode lets you recruit players, unlock customisation items and dominate FIFA Street flavoured tournaments

Volta consists of a few different modes, including kick-off-style matches where you can choose your players and surroundings to a story mode with cutscenes and an expansive player creation suite. Like “The Journey” before it, the story here is pure cheese but pretty fun as a result, even if it spends far too long in drawn-out cutscenes.

As you progress you’ll learn skills, recruit new players into your team and unlock an absolute boatload of gear to customise your character. I might not intend to spend the majority of my time playing FIFA 20 in Volta, but I’m glad it’s here to offer some much-needed variety to the game.

While Volta is the biggest and flashiest addition this year, FIFA is really all about the actual game of football. If the gameplay is rubbish on the pitch then all the extra game modes in the world won’t save it.

The first time you jump into a game in FIFA 20 you’ll likely double-take and ask yourself,. The general presentation, opening scenes of a match and commentary feel eerily similar. However, on the blow of the whistle and with kick-off taken, you’ll instantly notice little differences across the pitch.

Easily the most obvious is the speed of the game. This now varies wildly depending on who you’re playing as. Pick Man City, for example, and it feels like you’ve pushed the game speed up to the max settings. The game flows far quicker, with faster players feeling as quick as they should be.

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