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Proaim 36FT Flexi Track Dolly Set


Key Features;

  •  3 – Easy Glide Dolly Wheel Sets
  •   Dolly Rods -4 square sections
  •  Tripod Stand for 75mm Fluid head
  •   Bonus Fluid Head & Tripod Spreader
  • Rod Diameter 1.5 / 1 ” rectangular construction
  • 28″ gage – 1.25″ track compatibility
  • 2 – 32″ square rods
  • 1 – 27 ” Square rods



Proaim launches a 36ft Long Flexi Rubber dolly track, which is designed for shaping the track into a variety of configurations, including straight, s-shaped curves, c-shaped curves or as per the demanding shot. The camera rail track has a 28mm diameter and can be used with many standard camera dollies for smooth rolling pans. Now days, these types of flexi tracks are widely used in television studio, movie manufacturer, video studio, school studio and so on. Proaim Flexible track enables you to achieve smooth and subtle motion shots with perfection.

The Flexible rubber track is designed to work with almost any track dolly. This is a single, 36ft roll of Flexi Track (since it must be doubled, one roll will give you approx. 16 feet). To counteract the tendency of the rubber track to curl-up and take the shape of its storage container, a set of spacers are included that fit tightly into grooves on the tracks. These spaces lock down the track flat on the ground, as well as keep the two sides of the track evenly spaced at 27” apart, throughout the length.Buy The  Proaim 36FT Flexi Track Dolly Set Best Price Online from  The Clickstore,Nairobi