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Huawei Sound X


Key Features;

  • Shake up your senses with Devialet dual subwoofers
  • 360 degrees high fidelity sound
  • Huawei Share 1
  • Touch sensitive buttons with glazed surface
  • Certifiied Hi-Res Audio
  • Produces Enormous sound with minimal power

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Parties just aren’t the same without good music to pump up the atmosphere, and what better way is there to liven up the party than to blast your favourite Spotify playlist from your very own state-of-the-art speakers?

And like in-ear monitors and headphones, just about anyone and everyone wants to be heard in the space, such that you end up with the overrated Beats, the premium Sonos and the knock-offs in between, so which one do you really listen to?

Tech-giant Huawei has partnered up with leading audio technology company, Devialet, to introduce Huawei Sound X, the newest speaker in the market. Engineered with Devialet’s Push-Push Acoustic Design, the Sound X promises to deliver a premium auditory experience.

Gone are the typical grilled or mesh speaker covers that face the room and with its cylindrical body and round LED touch display, the Huawei Sound X is rather familiar looking, and can almost be a clone of the Apple HomePod. The main difference is that the Sound X stand uses a sleek glossy impact-resistant polycarbonate finish, and has visible subwoofers, with a stain resistant mesh encasing the lower third of its body, adding to its durability.

The LED touch display is also encircled with a beautiful rainbow RGB ring light indicator which is a nice design touch to the overall look. It’s an evolution of the buttons free interface but the touch button used to access the Bluetooth functions could have been made clearer instead of simply placing ellipses as the “More Functions” symbol.

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Standing at only 20.3cm tall, the Sound X fits perfectly next to your television set or on your desk. Surprisingly though, the small device is rather hefty, weighing a total of 3.5kg and it won’t make for a very portable speaker.

Besides the solid exterior, the interior of the Sound X is also thoughtfully designed, featuring dual 3.5” subwoofers and 6 powerful tweeters, allowing for a versatile range, reaching frequencies as low as 40Hz and as high as 40kHz. Even if most songs do not reach such extremes, the high-performance limit makes for better quality mid-range sounds.

We played some tunes such as Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and were amazed by the performance of the speaker. Thrumming out a powerful yet balanced bass, we could see, hear and feel the vibrations of the subwoofers as they delivered quality sound despite their smaller size.

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For those of you who prefer bass heavy speakers, these are not for you. There is a nuanced soundstage here as the bass does not drown the other components of the song. There was great instrumental separation and every guitar riff, every guttural rumble of Kurt Cobain’s voice and even the individual voices of the chorus are clearly distinguished.

What’s more, there was no driver rumble despite the high volume thanks to the Push-Push Acoustic Design which allows for each of the subwoofers to negate the vibrations of the other. This is coupled with high-fidelity audio, allowed the speakers to perform well without any audible distortion even at max volume or with heavy music.Buy The Huawei Sound X Best price online from The Clickstore,Nairobi