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Google Nest Mini (Chalk, 2nd Generation)


Key Features
  • Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology
  • Multi-User Capability
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Wireless Audio Streaming via Wi-Fi
  • 1x 1.58″ Driver for 360° Sound
  • Works with the Google Assistant
  • Compact Design at 3.86″ Wide, 1.65″ High



In spite of the Nest Mini’s affordable sticker price, there’s nothing about its design that alerts you that this is indeed a cheap speaker: The design is modern, clean and unobtrusive, especially if you buy it in a subtle color like Chalk (off-white) or Charcoal (grey-black). If you want to spice things up with the two more colorful options – Coral (pink-red) or Sky (light blue) – you can certainly do so, but those might not fit with everyone’s living room decor.


While the addition of Bluetooth is great (and, as you’ll see in a minute, desperately needed), the primary way of interfacing with the Google Nest Mini is, obviously, Google Assistant.

If you tried other virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa or Bixby in the past, or have tried Google Assistant on another Android device, you’ll know what to expect here – a solid assistant that can tap into your calendar to make appointments, set reminders and timers, control the music from popular streaming services, connect to some smart TVs and answer many – but not all – of the questions you can come up with on a day-to-day basis.  Get the Google Nest Mini (Chalk, 2nd Generation) Best Price Online From  The Clickstore,NAIROBI


Audio performance

Music from the speaker is fairly middling – it has good clarity in the mid-range that’s perfect for speech reproduction, but it’s not very musical, especially in the high or bass ranges. It will absolutely surprise you by how loud it can get but the fatiguing treble and anemic bass don’t make for the best experience when listening to your favorite songs.