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DJI OM 4 Camera Stabilizer


Key Features;

  • Detachable magnetic attachment system
  • Stick directly to your phone/case
  • hysical zoom and panning controls
  • Trigger for tracking
  • USB Type C port for charging
  • Panorama clone feature
  • ActiveTrack 3.0

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The OM 4 is a powered three-axis gimbal with a handheld pistol-grip style design. Construction quality is quite good—the body is sturdy polycarbonate with a rubberized mount. It’s a little heavier than the Osmo Mobile 3 at about a pound, but a bit more compact overall. It measures 7.0 by 4.0 by 2.8 inches (HWD) when folded for transport.



On the front of the gimbal, you’ll find a thumb slide joystick for pan and tilt, a multi-purpose button, and an image capture button. There’s also a battery light indicator. The left side is home to a zoom slider, and on the front is a trigger that can be used to switch cameras and turn on Sport Mode. There’s a USB-C charging port and a USB-A port that acts as a trickle charger for your phone.

Inside the box you’ll the folding gimbal, a screw-in tripod, a magnetic attachment that clamps to your phone, a wrist strap, and a storage pouch. There’s also a special magnetic adapter for smaller phones, as well as a quick start manual.

The tabletop tripod is a nice addition, but it’s very basic. It’s a good starter option for bloggers, low-light photographers, and those who use the Hyperlapse and Timelapse features. That said, its build quality isn’t great—the legs feel likely to snap if you put too much weight on the gimbal. The OM 4 has a standard quarter-inch tripod thread, so you can swap it out for a sturdier set of legs if you prefer.

Like its predecessors, the OM 4 works in both portrait and landscape modes. Simply double tap the multi-purpose button on the front of the gimbal and your phone will switch positions. The zoom sliders work well, but vary greatly depending on the phone you’re using and its own limitations. On the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, technically capable of 100x zoom, the OM 4 maxed out at 8x. Of course, you can use it with the phone’s built-in camera instead of the DJI app, but you lose access to the manual features, and the gimbal suffers to keep footage perfectly steady at extreme zooms—not surprising given how much harder it is to stabilize telephoto footage. Get the DJI OM 4 Camera Stabilizer Best Price From The Clickstore,NAIROBI