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Key features

• Ideal for indie films,TV program,nature shows and more
• Capture accurate sound in narrow pick-up range
• Maximum reduce the noise from the rear and sides
• Robust alloy-aluminum construction
• Switchabble high pass filter control(150Hz)
• Powered by 24-48V phantom power or 1*1.5V AA battery
• Includes fur windshield,foam
  windscreen,zipper bag,shock mount adapter


Product Description
Professional shotgun microphone
The BY-BM6060L is an improved super-cardioid shotgun microphone,features an extended length that offers extreme
directionality and narrows the pick-up area,it’s perfect for interviews,indie films,and also be used in ENG(News Gethering),sound design applications,etc.Buy TheBOYA BY-BM6060L SHORTGUN MICROPHONE Best Price Online from The Clickstore ,Nairobi
It’s wide frequency range of 40Hz-20KHz and selectable high-pass filter at 150Hz delivers nature
and clear sound,and increases the ability to endure loud sound sources before distortion
Its 3-pin XLR output is in complicance with 24-48V phantom power supply or powered by one AA battery.

In addition,the BY-BM6060L includes a fur windshield and foam windcreen for an intelligible sound effect and secure protection.

Package Contents
• BY-BM6060L Microphone
• Shock mount
• Foam Windscreen
• Fur windshield
• Zipper bag
• User Manual